The Studio

Pretty Faces Typography Studio Ltd. is the type design practice of graphic designer Jean Wojciechowski. The studio focuses on carefully crafted typefaces that are beautiful and attentive to both typography tradition and contemporary culture,  ultimately aiming to evoke an emotional response in the reader.

Trial Fonts

Use these test fonts to mock up your print or web designs for approval before licensing the full versions.
Trial fonts have no OpenType features, no kerning, and a limited character set:

0123456789 .,-

Trial fonts are for testing purposes only, and cannot be used commercially.

Download trial fonts


Pretty Faces offers Desktop Licenses up to 15 computers and Web licenses up to 50.000 monthly page views. If you need licenses for larger use, please contact.

Desktop License
Web License

What Beta means

Besides the traditional finalized typefamilies, Pretty Faces also makes available what we call Beta Fonts — fonts that are still under development.

Beta fonts are work-in-progress fonts. This means that the character set may be still very limited, spacing needs adjustments or that kerning hasn’t been done yet. Even though the typeface is not finished, some people like to experiment with new fonts and don’t mind the problems listed above, so Pretty Faces makes them available for a cheaper price than the finished typefaces. This method helps us to get early feedback and understand better how people receive the new design. Once the typeface is finished, you can buy it by paying the difference of full price value minus what you paid for the beta.

Not all beta fonts might become finished fonts.


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